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A great day for the training and employment in the Canary Islands

The Day was Thursday May 5th, time 10:00 am, event Grupo Stier opening the doors of the training centre in Taliarte to all institutions, companies, students and general public who wanted to learn more about the facilities and witness some practical exercises that are offered in some of the training programs.


The day commenced with a short opening ceremony by Terence O´Brien Grupo Stiers centre manager, informing the guests of the purpose of the training centre, importance of safety training within the chosen environments and the connection with OPITO and who they are as a safety body.


The continued upon close of the opening ceremony by the commencement of a practically exercise which consisted of a TEMPSC boarding and lowering under a controlled simulated abandonment, this was followed by displays from the staff of HUET training where the use of LAPP rebreather and Aviation equipment was used, the delegates (part time staff) underwent the use of EBS in dry environments, wet environments and then the use of the Helicopter Underwater Escape Trainer (HUET), this was carried out through the demonstration of six (6) exercises and a final exercises operating a lifejacket and entering a liferaft.


Following these exercises we were joined by a delegation of companies from South Korea within the Spain-Korea Ocean Week program activities coordinated by the city hall of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, the Cabildo of Gran Canaria, FIMAR and the Maritime Cluster.


This was followed shortly afterwards by the distribution of OPITO certificates which were received by three (3) students: Daylos Santiago Benitez Espino, Veronica Sosa Caballero and Adriana Garcia. The certificates were presented by – from left to right – Terence O’Brien (Director of the Training Centre Stier), Ciro Gutierrez Ascanio (Universities General Director in the Canary Islands Government), Gustavo Santana Hernandez (Managing Director of the Ports in the Canary Islands), Ida Stier (Grupo Stier CEO) and Alejandro Martin Lopez (Director of the Canary Islands Employment Service).


After a quick break and a few guided tours by staff members Imanol Sanabria and Isabel Silveira, the exercises continued with a demonstration on the fire yard taken into account measures such as raising the alarm, assessing the fire and whether it is safe to fight the fire, selection of extinguishers, selection of backup extinguisher, way out, chosen path to the fire and how to fight the fire safely.


The staff then put on display drills in the pool to simulate sea survival training and what delegates may undertake during OPITO & STCW training, the staff displayed the donning of survival equipment, safe entry, in water swimming, re-righting of a liferaft and secondary and vital actions within a liferaft.


Following these final exercises it was clear to see the event was a huge success from start to finish with the numbers of people who entered through the gates from opening to closing of the event. The reception to all simulated exercises displayed by full and part time staff was amazing and the interaction with questions and answers throughout the exercises was engaging not just for the staff but other guest who had come to experience the day as well.


We would like to express our deepest recognitions to all the attendees that for sure will be an event that will repeat in the future in order to continue to support the work of the maritime / offshore sector to become an option of employment for the future for our youth.






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