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Canary Islands

Grupo Stier will collaborate with the “Boarding Program for Maritime Cadets”

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) Ambassador for Spain and the General Direction of the Merchant Marine of Spain (DGMM) have endorsed the establishment of a Boarding Program in order to coordinate and open up to MARITIME CADETS to carry out their professional training at sea. The coordination of this Program will be the responsibility of…

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Meeting between Ambassador IMO Maritime and Korea Maritime and Ocean University (KMOU)

Capt. Antonio M. Padrón y Santiago, “IMO Maritime Ambassador” and Maritime Authority of Tenerife -accompanied by several maritime businessmen and Professors of the University of La Laguna (ULL) – held a meeting with Mr. Kang-Ki Lee, Professor of the “College of Maritime Science” in the KOREA MARITIME AND OCEAN UNIVERSITY (KMOU) During the visit, the…

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The Canary Islands in the current international geopolitical situation

Certainly there are still complicated weeks in the international context, with global terrorism situations and division among the major world powers on how to combat this global threat, the terrorism affects all countries. Just let me remind that jihadism through DAESH, seeks to establish a global caliphate, and the international division only serves to benefit…

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Approved the regulation that develops the new Fiscal and Economic System of the Canary Islands

The Canary Islands as an EU outermost region, have an Economic and Tax System (REF) of their own, fully approved by the EU, which applies double taxation conventions and fiscal transparency.   This Canary Islands Economic and Tax Regime (ETR) is expressly recognized and has its basis in the Spanish Constitution (Article 138.1 and Additional…

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Grupo Stier S.L. ha recibido financiación del Fondo de Préstamos y Garantías para la Promoción de Proyectos Empresariales de Innovación, para el proyecto denominado PROYECTO INNOVACIÓN EN MATERIA DE SEGURIDAD MARÍTIMA EN CANARIAS, cofinanciado por el Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional (FEDER) en un 85%, proveniente del Programa Operativo FEDER de Canarias 2007-2013.