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Grupo Stier will collaborate with the “Boarding Program for Maritime Cadets”

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) Ambassador for Spain and the General Direction of the Merchant Marine of Spain (DGMM) have endorsed the establishment of a Boarding Program in order to coordinate and open up to MARITIME CADETS to carry out their professional training at sea. The coordination of this Program will be the responsibility of…

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New updating training courses to comply with STCW requirements

The STCW/78 Convention has been amended by the 2010 Manila Amendments. Under the new regulations, updated proficiency training for the Courses Personal Survival Tecniques, Survival Craft and Rescue Boats (other than Fast Rescue Boats), Fast Rescue Boats, Advanced Fire Fighting, has to be undertaken every five years. All Seafarers will be required to submit documentary…

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Marlins Online English
Grupo Stier and Marlins Online English Language Testing

Marlins online English language testing is an online test platform where Marlins have developed three different English tests targeted at three specific industries which are:   ·      Seafarers ·      Cruise Ship Staff ·      Offshore Workers   The objective behind the training is to enable employers to assess understanding of English by their employees in a…

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BOSIET & FOET Training
FOET Training with Grupo Stier

Grupo Stier is an OPITO approved training provider where under the standard code 5858 Further Offshore Emergency Training (FOET) offer this one-day training course at their facilities in Taliarte.   The FOET is the refresher course of the Basic Offshore Safety Induction Emergency Training (BOSIET) but can only be delivered for persons with an in…

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Team building course
Team Building in the Canaries

We at Grupo Stier have constructed a course that is made up of a series of exercises where TEAM WORK is the main outcome, the course is made to encourage all levels of employment and management and also to encourage sports teams where all parties get to develop and fine tune their skills in communication,…

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Turismo de cruceros
Working in a cruise ship

The cruise tourism industry continues its unstoppable growth since the nineties and apparently it has not not have found its top yet. The sector grew by 7%  in 2015 compared to 2014 where already billed 40,000 million dollars, according to Cruise Market Watch report. To the 298 vessels existing in the world in 2015 with…

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Grupo Stier S.L. ha recibido financiación del Fondo de Préstamos y Garantías para la Promoción de Proyectos Empresariales de Innovación, para el proyecto denominado PROYECTO INNOVACIÓN EN MATERIA DE SEGURIDAD MARÍTIMA EN CANARIAS, cofinanciado por el Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional (FEDER) en un 85%, proveniente del Programa Operativo FEDER de Canarias 2007-2013.