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OFFSHORE TRAINNING: The countdown begins

Four months have already passed since we inaugurated along with lot of relevant attendees from public institutions, local private sector and foreign companies the land of 3,000 m2 where our offshore training center would arise. 120 days of hard but exciting and even rewarded work watching how all that was reflected in documents and drafts is truly becoming a fact step by step of our “maritime training theme park”. We have been accomplishing various stages with the aim of heading the final countdown for the official opening scheduled by mid-September.


The training center will be divided into four different areas or sections.



Aquatic Training Unit

The magnificent metallic structure and tank with a capacity for  235 m3 of water, define the particular “skyline” of the center with its 10 meters of height and with an area of 450 m2.


This unit, almost complete and it’s were different practical tests will be held such as:

  • Safety training and emergency evacuation in case of accident for personnel flying in helicopter.
  • Test for rescuers, and other personnel with adequate training to land on a ship or platform hooked from a helicopter.
  • Two different tests in order to access a ship or platform with rope ladders and nets as well as the training needed in adverse reactions.
  • Freefall test in a lifeboat with a capacity for 25 people





Fire Training Unit

They are 200 m2 where students will practice how to extinguish different types of indoor and outdoor fires lighted up through simulators with the strictest safety measures and always respecting the environment.


Theorical Training Unit

This infrastructure next to the reception along with the office, dressing rooms and the unit of instructors completes the surface of 450 m2 of the service unit. This space is where the lectures in any field will be held will be ready to use by mid next month as we are just waiting for the furniture and computer devices.


Rest and Leisure Unit

This section of 200 m2 is where the students profit of the facilities to study in group, meet for a coffee or a snack or simply relax and enjoy after the training sessions of the stunning views that the harbor of Taliarte gifts us.


We have assured since the inception of this project that the facilities and the courses meets the maximum guarantees of quality by having the approval by various international certifications as well as the approval and accreditation of well reputed organizations.


*There is a wide open area that for sure will be occupied in a short term with new training units that are already contemplated in the ambitious growth strategy of Grupo Stier.

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  • Antonio Novo

    Hola ,estoy encantado de finalmente tengamos en España un lugar para poder hacer los cursos básicos para poder trabajar en Offshore , lo único es que hecho en falta algún curso mas ya que tener que desplazarse a Aberdeen o cualquier otro sitio en UK nos sale mucho mas caro , asi que me pregunto si en un futuro próximo , podríais implementar los cursos , y dar los de Lifting and Rigging , Baskman , Loler ect , ya que seria muy beneficioso para todos los Españoles que trabajamos como freelance offshore, y somos muchos
    Antonio Novo

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