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The Canary Islands in the current international geopolitical situation

Certainly there are still complicated weeks in the international context, with global terrorism situations and division among the major world powers on how to combat this global threat, the terrorism affects all countries. Just let me remind that jihadism through DAESH, seeks to establish a global caliphate, and the international division only serves to benefit…

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OFFSHORE TRAINNING: The countdown begins

Four months have already passed since we inaugurated along with lot of relevant attendees from public institutions, local private sector and foreign companies the land of 3,000 m2 where our offshore training center would arise. 120 days of hard but exciting and even rewarded work watching how all that was reflected in documents and drafts…

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Inauguration of the Offshore Training Centre

On March 27th at the Taliarte Marina in the Island of Gran Canaria (Canary Islands) the Stier Group unveiled in front of the media, the local authorities and the regional maritime businesses what will soon be the first offshore training centre in Spain.  The President of the Cabildo (the island’s governing body), Jose Miguel Bravo…

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Grupo Stier Offshore Training

Grupo Stier’s presence in the Canary Islands dates back to 1994. Its training arm, Centro de Estudios Marítimos del Atlántico (CEMA) offers practical and innovative training for the next generation of maritime professionals based on the island. For over 20 years CEMA has developed & delivered various programmes and activities with an emphasis on maritime…

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